Group Benefits | Group Retirement

Many Nations is proudly 100% Indigenous owned!

A strong desire to bring about change and to protect the future of Indigenous people led to the inception of Many Nations Co-operative Ltd. 

Many Nations Co-operative Ltd developed and is actively growing it’s wholly owned brokerage subsidiary, Many Nations Financial Services Ltd. exclusively for the social and economic benefit of it’s indigenous co-op member owners.  

Many Nations is not only dedicated to providing the best possible pension and group benefit products; it also represents your voice, your community and a common vision of self-determination.

Since 2012 Many Nations Co-operative is honored to have returned patronage dividends to our co-op member owners in excess of $1,000,000!

It is our co-op members collective strength and commitment to the co-operative ownership model that keeps this wealth in our communities. 

If you are a First Nation or Indigenous organization like us please reach out and find out how you can join this movement and become a co-op member too!