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Many Nations Co-operative Ltd. Declares Patronage Dividend

Joe Carter Joe Carter

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gordon (Joe) Carter, Chairman of the Board of Many Nations Co-operative Ltd.,
announced today that the Board of Directors has declared the first patronage dividend
to member organizations. Members of the Many Nations Co-operative Ltd. are First
Nations and First Nation organizations from across Canada whose employee benefit
solutions are provided through Many Nations Financial Services Ltd.
It was a vision at Onion Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan, with a passionate desire to
bring about change and to protect the future of First Nations people that led to the
creation of Many Nations. This vision was of First Nations and First Nation
organizations working together to provide afordable, culturally appropriate benefits
for their employees and their families. This approach would be empowering in
sharing and building opportunities for communities and future generations.
Today, these benefits are administered by Many Nations Financial Services Ltd., an
insurance brokerage that is 100% owned by Many Nations Co-operative Ltd. Many
Nations is a leader in First Nations benefits in Canada, and administers over 100
million in assets within the Many Nations Multi-Employer Pension Plan in addition to
other stand-alone plans. This Multi-Employer Pension Plan is an example of the
benefits that can be achieved by working together. Many Nations works with insurers
in developing health and dental benefit programs that respect First Nation Agreements.
These programs provide enhanced coverage for member’s employees and their
By declaring patronage dividends, profits are going back to the Members to reinvest in
their communities and their people.
Special recognition to the leaders who dreamed the dream and guided the organization
to today’s historic announcement.
For further information, please contact Gail Davison, Acting Secretary for Many Nations
Co-operative Ltd. at or at 1-800-667-7830.

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