Co-op Member Information

Many Nations Co-operative is proud to have distributed over $1,000,000 back to our Indigenous member owners since 2012!   

If you are an Indigenous organization or a First Nation you are eligible to join the co-op.

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In 2006, Many Nations Co-operative Ltd. began the task of re-structuring the  existing governance structure and develop a governance model that was beneficial to our national Members.

When the Co-operative was established in 1995, the Membership was designed to include everyone employed by the participating employers. This structure proved to be unmanageable with the resources available as there were over 6,000 individual Members at that time. As a result, it was very difficult to obtain quorum to host Membership meetings and MNCL was unable to operate as a true Co-operative with active Member participation.

The interest in the grass roots driven approach that a Co-operative provides was not lost and in 2007, MNCL applied for funding through the Co-operative Development Initiative to assist in the renewal and re-structuring of MNCL. Through Member consultation and collabaration a new governance model was developed and implemented. The new governance model and bylaws were finalized in 2009. MNCL was then in the position to hold Regional Meetings to elect Regional Delegates to represent their Regions in April, 2009. MNCL has eight (8) Regions: Yukon/NWT, Nunavut, BC, AB, SK, MB/ON, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. Delegates were elected in the BC, AB, SK and the Atlantic Regions.

In order to understand the needs of our Membership, MNCL conducted a Member survey to determine what products and services best suited our Members’ needs. Members were provided with information on products and services that MNCL was interested in developing such as property, casuality and liability insurance as well as wealth management products and services. All of the Members that were surveyed responded that the products and services that MNCL was currently developing were a sufficient start in developing subsidiaries that would best meet their needs.