Your Customer Service Specialists

About Us

Many Nations is a licensed insurance broker. We use our specialized expertise to find the insurance companies and pension fund managers who can best satisfy the particular needs of our clients, and provide them with the most value.

Many Nations is a “problem solver” – we consistently seek the best available solution and value for our clients.

Many Nations products are fully integrated with existing government programs – we ensure there are no duplications in benefits or costs.

Many Nations strives to be a model in corporate performance and accountability with high professional standards. We do what we say we will do!

What distinguishes Many Nations Service from any other organization?

Our attitude and our knowledge!

Your Customer Service Specialists!

We care! When your family is in crisis, when your community has lost a loved one, when you are reaching retirement, when you are dealing with a disability, we care about our clients.
We are problem solvers! Often the first response isn’t the last response. We are dedicated to finding the solutions for our clients.

We’re specialists! This niche market requires a high level of understanding about the issues surrounding government funding, government health coverage, and taxation issues. Through education, we pride ourselves in knowing the issues and are first to find the solutions.

We communicate! It is our role to ensure that our clients understand their employee benefits through seminars, administration training, and employee meetings. We try to ensure that this happens. We are in contact with our clients on a regular basis….

We are dedicated to First Nations people and their organizations. We recognize the specialized needs and our responsibility to find the best available solutions to provide maximum value for our clients.

We strive to demonstrate managerial competence and financial accountability in our relationships with our financial partners, ultimately building credibility.