Retirement Plan for the Employees of the Participating Employers of the Many Nations Pension Plan also known as the Many Nations Multi-Employer Pension Plan.

Pension Plans

Plan Registration – Many Nations Multi-Employer Pension Plan is a federally registered plan. In accordance with Federal Regulators a Plan Document has been developed that outlines all of the rules and operations of the plan. This Plan Document has been reviewed and approved by the Federal Regulators, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).

Many Nations Pension Committee – As per federal regulations (OSFI), the Many Nations Pension Committee was formed to monitor the pension plan and act as the fiduciaries for the plan. This Committee meets on a quarterly basis with a hired pension consultant to review all aspects of the operation of the plan.

Annual Filings – Many Nations Pension Committee takes full responsibility for the timely filing of the Annual Information Returns and prepays the applicable fees, which saves our clients time and money.

Administration – Many Nations Pension Committee retains Many Nations Financial Services Ltd. in the role of plan manager. The Plan manager ensures all aspects of the administration processes are adhered to as per the Plan Governance adopted by the Pension Committee and approved by OSFI.

Fees – There are over $160 million of assets in the Many Nations Multi-Employer Pension Plan. This volume allows us to reap the benefits of the “buying group” when dealing with pricing and portfolio selection.