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Many Nations logo

We chose the Dream Catcher as our logo. It identifies our aboriginal character, and it symbolizes our dreams for a secure and happy future.

Within the sun and circle of the Many Nations Dream Catcher are people, joined together as one. We believe that we can make our tomorrows more secure through people working together, “…the strength of Many Nations, protecting our future”.

We are very pleased that the gifted Ojibwa artist, “Daanis”, was able to express strength, security and caring in her unique and attractive creation of Many Nations Dream Catcher.

Information on the artist:

Gail Bressette, Ojibwa Artist

Daanis is an Ojibwa artist born and raised on the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation in Southern Ontario. Her English name is Gail Bressette.

In the mid 1980′s she studied native language instruction at Lakehead University. However, her desire to draw, design and paint led her quickly into the visual arts. Instead of completing her certificate in language instruction, she did the illustrations for a children’s native literature series, Anishinabe Kendaawin, published by the Lakehead University.

Other people became aware of her work, and before she left Thunder Bay, she had done commissions for several local organizations and private collections.

Gail has done work for a number of prominent First Nations organizations, including:

The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (A.I.A.I.)
The Union of Ontario Indians (U.O.I.)
The Native Women’s Association of Canada (N.W.A.C.)
Native Beat

Gail has also done murals in public buildings, and continues to enjoy preparing visual aid materials for teachers working with children. The Woodlawn Cultural Centre in Brantford, Ontario, uses her work.

Gail is deeply attached to her cultural heritage as an Ojibwa, and the things she learned from her mother. She celebrates Ojibwa themes in her work. Her style is an arresting fusion of elegant simplicity, strong lyrical lines, and colour. It evokes a strange emotional sense of both sensitivity and boldness, a “beautiful strength”.