Pension Plans

Many Nations offers a choice. You can choose to become a member in The Retirement Plan for the Employees of the Participating Employers of the Many Nations Pension Plan (also known as The Many Nations Multi-Employer Pension Plan) with over 120 First Nations organizations, coast to coast, large and small, with combined assets of more than $140 million. This pension plan is the largest First Nations Multi Employer Pension Plan in Canada. The growing value of the plan translates into economic power, which we use to influence the pricing and investment decisions of our major financial business partners. Due to the size of the Pension Plan, we pay a lower management fee and we pass the savings along to you, our members.

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Many Nations Multi-Employer Pension Plan is a “defined contribution” plan offering employees a wide variety of “no load” investment options. The Many Nations Pension Committee bears the fiduciary responsibility for overseeing and administering the plan in accordance with legislation set out by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) and by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).

As an alternative and in special cases, a stand-alone pension plan may be preferred. We partner with the pension providers to provide this alternative. We currently service approximately $140 million of assets in our clients’ stand-alone pension plans.

As a First Nations’ organization, you may be eligible for Band Employee Benefit (BEB) Funding from Indian Affairs. Included as an additional service to our clients, we are pleased to assist you in preparing your application for submission to your Funding Services Officer (FSO).