The Many Nations Story

A strong desire to bring about change and to protect the future of Indigenous people led to the inception of Many Nations Co-operative Ltd, a member-run financial services organization tailored to meet the needs of Indigenous communities. Many Nations came into being as a result of dedicated leadership and a strong vision.

The vision began over 30 years ago in Onion Lake, Saskatchewan, when they exercised their right to self-determination by taking direct control of their education system. The Director of Education for Onion Lake at that time, Joe Carter, believed that, “There had to be a way to provide Indigenous organizations and their employees with affordable and culturally appropriate group benefits, including pensions.”

Many Nations Co-operative Ltd developed and implemented its wholly owned brokerage subsidiary, Many Nations Financial Services. Many Nations represents the buying power of First Nations communities and organizations through the economic strength of its national client base.

Many Nations is not only dedicated to providing the best possible pensions and group benefits; it also represents your voice, your community and a common vision of self-determination.