Indigenous Co-operative Ownership

As a co-operative, Many Nations exists for the social and economic benefit of its Indigenous clients and member-owners and their social and economic wellness.

About Many Nations

Our Mission

We are a community-based Indigenous Co-operative providing specialized group insurance and group retirement products and services designed for Indigenous organizations.

Our Vision

A strong desire to bring about change and to protect the future of Indigenous people led to the inception of Many Nations Co-operative Ltd. 

Operating from coast to coast and approaching our 30th anniversary as an Indigenous organization, Many Nations is proudly 100% Indigenous-owned!

The co-operative established and operates its wholly-owned subsidiary, Many Nations Financial Services Ltd., to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Design and deliver quality group benefits and group retirement products and services designed by and for Indigenous organizations. 
  2. Operative equitably, based on co-operative principles, across all Nations democratically and transparently. 
  3. Build wealth and retain profits within Indigenous organizations for the exclusive benefit of all Indigenous member-owners. 

Many Nations Co-operative Ltd. developed and is actively growing its wholly-owned brokerage subsidiary, Many Nations Financial Services Ltd. exclusively for the social and economic benefit of its Indigenous co-op member-owners.  

Our Values

We value our Members and provide the highest quality products and services.

We are accountable, transparent and accessible to our Members, community, business partners and the public.

We adhere to the principles of honesty and respect for all nations, cultures and peoples.

We actively promote and protect the best interests of our Membership.

We strive to be a model of business success and conduct ourselves to the highest industry standards of professionalism and governance.

Join Us

It is our co-op member's collective strength and commitment to the co-operative ownership model that keeps this wealth in our communities. 

Many Nations is not only dedicated to creating and delivering quality with the best possible group retirement pension and group benefits products; it also represents your voice, your community, and a common vision of self-determination.

Since 2012 Many Nations Co-operative is honoured to have returned patronage dividends to our co-op member-owners well in excess of $1,000,000!

Request more information on becoming a member today! 1-800-667-7830 or

A close look at our logo

The bright, clean design showcases a feather, the northern lights, and a sash. They represent the First Nations (feather), the Inuit (northern lights) and Métis (sash) Peoples and together represent the Many Nations, the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. The elements are all brought together in a circle - a symbol of unity and wholeness. 

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