Benefits of a Co-operative

Many Nations exists exclusively for the social and economic benefit of its clients and member-owners.

Why a Co-operative?

A Co-operative business structure incorporates Indigenous perspectives in community development through shared values and shared equity in raising communities. Many Nations Co-operative is owned and democratically controlled by the organizations that use our services. Our client-owners benefit in three main ways from the co-operative:


We’re controlled by the member organizations that use our products and services. People control the organization, not money; each member has an equal voice. We listen to our members carefully and all members have the option of participating in our democratic governance equally.

Economic Benefit

As we profit, so do our members. Profits are distributed to members, in the form of patronage dividends, based on the relative share of business they bring in to the co-operative.

Social Benefit

We are community-based organizations that care about our members’ needs and the quality of life in their communities. As a co-op, we successfully compete in the marketplace without abandoning the values and principles that set us apart from other business models. In other words, we take care of each other.

Co-operative Business Model

Benefits of a Co-operative for Indigenous Organizations

The idea of a Co-operative is nothing new to Indigenous people who exercised entrepreneurship and co-operative development long before this business structure became popular in Canada and elsewhere. In many ways, Indigenous people were the first co-operators. Indigenous people have worked together in achieving common goals to sustain livelihoods and develop communities.

The Co-operative model aligns with Indigenous values, social expectations and fits into the perspective of how Indigenous peoples view the world: an understanding of connectedness and interdependence of all elements of being.

A true Indigenous partnership
  • Owned by you and working for you! Indigenous employers are central to our business model.
  • 100% Indigenous board with regional representation to ensure that you have a voice.
  • Leverage collective strength to build bridges between clients, advisors and suppliers.
  • We support you and your advisor ensuring you get the best combination of products and services delivered by expert staff.
  • Co-operative focus on training and education.


Many Nations

Many Nations Co-operative Principles

Co-ops provide consumers with a distinct values-based, community-owned and controlled alternative. Unlike the private, public, or voluntary sectors, co-operatives are guided by seven principles.


Many Nations Co-operative Board

To view our board members, visit this page of our website.

Coop Board