COVID-19 Information Updates


 Many Nations Customer Service Line - 1-800-667-7830

 As of today, our staff members are now working from home remotely.  This step was done to help ensure our employee’s health.  

We have been advised by our phone provider that the phone lines are extremely busy at this time.  Should you have any difficulty  reaching us at 1-800-667-7830 due to busy telecommunication lines across Canada we are also available via e-mail at

If we are on the phone helping others and you need to leave a message, we will be working diligently to return all your calls and answer any questions as quickly as possible.  

We have also provided  links below to the insurance companies we represent, NIHB, FNHA and the Government of Canada to ensure you have access to the most up to date information possible.   We will keep this list updated as necessary throughout the coming weeks.


Wishing everyone good health & safety,

The Many Nations Team



Bulletins and Resource Links


 Insurance Company Resources

The Co-operators 

Covid-19 Updates

The Co-operators - Plan Advisor and Sponsor Update - March 30

The Co-operators -  Covid-19 Update - March 19

The Co-operators - Abiliticbt pandemic support overview - March 19

Many Nations Multi Employer Pension Plan - Industrial Alliance

Video - Coping with financial uncertanty during Covid-19 - May 7

Covid-19 Updates 

Special Edition Covid-19 Economic Impact - April 3

Special Edition - Coronavirus and economy - March 27

Eye on the Economy - March 22

Eye on the Economy - March 20

Video - Keeping your savings strategy on track during Covid-19

Member Communication Volatility & C. Gignac - March 18

Clement Gignac Webinar - March 17

COVID-19 Member Communication - March 14

Current Market Situation Member Communication - March13

Stormy_markets article - March 13

Market Volatility Member Communication - March 6

Denis Ricard letter to clients - March 2020


Covid-19 Updates     

CINUP Covid-19 Update - April 16

CINUP - Teladoc & Best Doctors Update - April 1

CINUP - Best Doctors Information - April 1

CINUP - Teladoc Information - April 1

CINUP - Teladoc Setup - April 1

CINUP - Registered Clinical Counsellors - March 27

CINUP Covid-19 Update - Further updates to Short-Term Disability coverage - March 25

Covid-19 Short Term Disability Updates - March 20

CINUP Covid-19 Update - March 20

CINUP Update Newsletter - Coronavirus - March 12

Canada Life (Great West Life)

Covid-19 Updates

GroupLine - March 24

Sun Life

Covid-19 Updates 

Relaxing the rules on premium payments and renewals - Continuing benefits coverage during COVID-19 - March 25

Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Covid-19 Updates 

COVID-19 Business Update - March 20

 Medavie Blue Cross

Covid-19 Update - April 21

Employees - Covid-19 Updates 

Plan Administrators - Covid-19 Updates


Covid-19 Updates 

Manulife Group Benefits – Relief for Canadian Small & Mid-Size Businesses - March 26

Manulife Update - COVID-19 - March 25

FAQ - March 24

Employment and Salary Change - March 24

Contact Info Manulife Group Benefits - March 24


Other Resources

Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

NIHB has requested they be contacted by email at or via their online form.

First Nation Health Authority

Covid-19 Updates

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) 

Covid-19 Information

Government of Canada

Covid-19 Information

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Benefits and services including EI progam changes