Core Product


In partnership with nhcc

 A new national benefit product is available providing coverage for traditional wellness practices within a structured plan. 

Counselling with an Elder, treatment with traditional healers and medicines, and traditional practices and ceremonies are all eligible items under this product.


Supporting healthy employees, families and communities:

Encourage and recognize the role of traditional wellness and knowledge

Enhance culturally relevant options within your overall benefit plan

 Improve employee well-being and satisfaction within your company

 Increase flexibility and personal wellness decision making for your employees

 Limit account expenditures with pre-determined limits

 Bundle your spending account with other benefits for easy access and implementation

The Many Nations Traditional Wellness Spending Account is the first national product like this in Canada.  This new and first of its kind national product provides Indigenous organizations with a structured way to compliment existing employee benefits plans with coverage for traditional wellness and healing practices.

Increase employee health, wellness and satisfaction by providing the flexibility to choose, and the coverage to access, traditional health and wellness services.

 Co-operation has its benefits™