Many Nations Partnership with Pillway

December 7, 2022

Many Nations has partnered with Pillway

Pillway is an online pharmacy service that delivers prescriptions to your door. This is a voluntary service available to our Co-operative members and their employees, at no cost to their group benefits plan. Prescription delivery is free, and there is 24/7 access to pharmacists and other health care support. 

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Q: We live in a remote area, can we use this service?

A: Yes, this service is designed to provide prescriptions and pharmacy services to those in remote areas.

Q: How are narcotic prescriptions shipped?

A: Narcotic prescriptions cannot be shipped to a P.O. box. The person requiring the prescription must present their identification upon delivery and signature from the person who the prescription is for is required.

Q: I live in a rural area, and have to drive to into the nearest city or town to pick up my mail. The pharmacy is also in this town or city. How will this program benefit me?

A: For those who have a P.O. box in the same town or city as their pharmacy, you may not see any benefit to switching to an online pharmacy. But, the dispensing fees with Pillway are low, and may be lower than your local pharmacy. A dispensing fee is charged every time you have a prescription filled. Be sure to ask your pharmacy what their dispensing fee is, and what is included in that fee. 

Visit for more frequently asked questions or call 1-800-667-7830 for more information.