We have a new look!

November 3, 2022

A new look for Many Nations

You'll see our new look everywhere! The brand represents what we have become since 1980: A community owned co-operative coming together to realize the social and economic benefit of participating in their organizations' group benefits and pension products.

Animikii, an Indigenous-owned technology company, helped us create our new logo. The bright, clean design showcases a feather, northern lights and a sash. They represent the First Nations (feather), the Inuit (northern lights) and Métis (sash). Together these elements represent the Many Nations, the Indigenous People of Canada. The elements are brought together in a circle - a symbol of unity an wholeness.

Our previous logo, designed by Gail Bressette from Kettle and Stony Point, is an important part of our history and will continue to have a special place in the story of Many Nations.

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